Complete Cyber Security Advance Course For 2020.

[ Cyber Security for 2020 ]

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Complete Cyber Security Advance Course To Become Expert In Security & Hacking Field.

Complete Cyber Security Advance Course For 2020.


Cybersecurity is the name for the safeguards taken to avoid Cybercrimes on the Internet or reduce any disruption from an attack on an individual or personal data, computers, or mobile devices.

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Cybersecurity covers not only safeguarding confidentiality and privacy, but also the availability and integrity of confidential data, both of which are vital for the quality and safety of an individual or an organization. 

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Who this course Designed & Made for?

  • Those people love Security.  
  • Those people love Hacking.
  • People who are in cybersecurity or in the ethical hacking field.
  • People who are joining to Cybersecurity.
  • People who need to become pro in Cybersecurity.
  • Also IT [Information Technology] professionals. 

What you'll be learning in this course?

  1. Certified Security Analyst Training (CSAT). 
  2. Cyber Security Advanced Persistent Threat Defender (CAPTD). 
  3. Cyber Security Malicious Software Defender (CSMD). 
  4. Cyber Security Source Code Defender (CSCD).
  5. Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Research (CTIR).
  6. Cyber Security Web Application Defender (CWAD).
  7. CyberTraining Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9 Training‬.
  8. CyberTraining Computer Hacker and Forensic Investigator (CHFI).
  9. ‪CyberTraining Kali (101).

Complete Cyber Security Advance Course For 2020.

Complete Cyber Security Advance Course For 2020.

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