Advance Metasploit Penetration Testing Complete Course. 

[ Penetration Testing For 2020

Advance Metasploit Penetration Testing Complete Course.

Advance Metasploit Penetration Testing Complete Course. 


Penetration testing is one of the core aspects of network security in today's scenario.

It involves a complete analysis of the system by implementing real-life security tests. 

It helps in identifying potential weaknesses in the system's major components which can occur either in its hardware or software. 

The reason which makes penetration testing an important aspect of security is that it helps in identifying threats and weaknesses from a hacker's perspective. 

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Loopholes can be exploited in real-time to figure out the impact of vulnerability and then a suitable remedy or patch can be explored in order to protect the system from any outside attack and reduce the risk factors.

The biggest factor that determines the feasibility of penetration testing is the knowledge about the target system. 

Black box penetration testing is implemented when there is no prior knowledge of the target user. 

A pen-tester will have to start from scratch by collecting every bit of information about the target system in order to implement an attack. 

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In white-box testing, the complete knowledge about the target is known and the tester will have to identify any known or unknown weakness that may exist. 

Either of the two methods of penetration testing is equally difficult and is environment-specific. 

Industry professionals have identified some of the key steps that are essential in almost all forms of penetration testing.

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Who this course Designed and Made for?
  • This course targets both professional penetration testers, as well as new users of Metasploit who are willing to expertise the tool. 
  • There is something for everyone. The book has a recipe structure that is easy to read, understand, and recollect.
  • The course starts with the basics of penetration testing and later on advances to the expert level. 
  • The transition from the beginners to the advanced level is smooth. 
  • So, it can be easily read and understood by readers of all categories.
  • The course requires basic knowledge of scanning, exploitation for security purpose, and Ruby language

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What are all the basic requirements you needed to start this course and set up your lab?  

  1. Basic knowledge of computer skills.
  2. You will need two systems, One can be your pen-testing system and the other can be assumed has your target.
  3. Alternatively, you can also work with a single system and set up a penetration testing environment [lab] by using any virtualization software, for example, like {VM ware, Virtual Box}.
  4. Apart from that, you will require an ISO image of any Linux distro which has pre-installed Metasploit and other tools that we will be discussing in this course.
  5. If you don't have ISO image, alternatively, you can download the Metasploit framework separately for your preferred operating system from its official website.
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