Top 09 Different Types Of Hackers Which You Should Know.

Top 09 Different Types Of Hackers Which You Should Know.


Today we are going to talk about Top 09 Different Types Of Hackers Which You Should Know.

09 top different types, of hackers, which you should know.

Guys This Article Is For Only Educational purpose.

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What is HACKING?

In simple words, Hacking simply refers to "Gaining Unauthorized  Access Into An Targeted System" (PC).

But some people also say that the main aim of Hacking is to compromise the security and protection of the system or pc to access it in an unauthorized way.

In many countries "Hackers" treated as criminals Because no one wants to work with a Hacker, Because of the work of hacker peoples are not familiar from it, In India, they see the only the bad side of a Hackers, so that's why they're very fewer Hackers found in India, If we compare to other developing countries or developed countries India has very less Hacker.

In India, there are few Hackers called Ethical Hackers are mainly known as Information Security Specialist or in simple words Cybersecurity Analyst or Experts. 

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Types Of Hackers Mainly You Should Know About Them.

No:1. White Hat Hacker.

The Hacker who works for the defensive side of an any Hacking or Cyber Attacks, This kind of hacker is often referred to as a security professional or security researcher. 

They use their skills mostly for securing co-operate organization or for any big organization for their security needs, They perform Hacking and security checks with authorized permission and access in a legal to find vulnerabilities in the Organization.

Such hackers are employed by an organization and are permitted to attack an organization to find vulnerabilities, That an attacker might be able to get caught. 

But white hat hackers are depending on the Tools and Softwares till the developer develop it, they are trained on how to use that Tools and Softwares. 

They are mainly known as Security Experts. 

No:2. Black Hat Hacker.

The Hacker who works on the offensive side of any Hacking or Cyber Attack, they will break the security without any permission or authorized permission of the organization.

who is Also known as a cracker, this kind of hacker is referred to as a bad guy, who uses his or her knowledge for negative illegal purposes.

Usually, Hackers have good computer skills, but Black Hat Hackers has Extraordinary computer skills, but they are not using it for good purposes they are using their skills for only bad purpose {illigial work}. 

They can make great damage to any individual or organization, they are using their computing skills for doing destructive activities and creating great damage, but there tool and Softwares are very unique to use and powerful.    

They are often referred to by the media as hackers, they will develop their own tools or Softwares, they will not depend on any developers, they have more knowledge than White Hat Hackers.

There are known as Malicious Hackers.

No:3. Gray Hat Hacker.

They are like a coin, Two-sided Because they are working for both Offensive {Bad} and Defensive {Good}.

This kind of hacker is an intermediate between a white hat and a black hat hacker, they will work for both white and black hat hacker who is paying more ready to work with them for legal or illegal things as much.

For instance, a gray hat hacker would work as a security professional for an organization and responsibly disclose everything to them as high security.

However, he or she might leave a backdoor to access it later and might also sell the confidential information for other organization or any other black hat hacker for money, obtained after the compromise of a company’s target server, to competitors.  

They are mostly known as Two-Siders like a Coin. 

No:4. Suicide Hackers.

These Hackers are very different from others, they also have good computing skills but they are not read to get caught or show there face to the public.

Who Ames to bring down the critical infrastructure for a cause and they are not worried about facing years in jail or hang themself.

This type of hackers are more sensitive in their work means if once they get caught to cybersecurity peoples or police they are ready to suicide themself or some are ready to face jail in terms for years of years.

They are very competitive in their work, they don't like to show their face to the public or in common they will be sitting in a room and they used to do their work.

They are mostly known as Suiciders.   

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No:5. Script Kiddies.

These peoples are not called Hackers, Because they don't have any knowledge or programming skills they know about hacking or cracking.

This types of hackers used to watch some videoes from youtube or somewhere and they try to pretend and follow them and they try gain some knowledge on computing skills and they try to showcase to their family, friends, relation stating that I am a hacker don't keep with then I will hack you bee safe with me and don't try to do something to me I will find out easily be care full ok like this they will be pretending to others.

But they cannot develop anything or do programming, they don't no to use the tools or Softwares without the help of videoes or some instructions.

He could not able to develop his own tools or software, he used to see every video and try to learn something to show off with his friends that he is an expert in hacking. 

Knows how to open CMD tells every that he is a great hacker ha.

They are mostly known as pretending and showoff Script kiddies hackers.

No:6. State Sponsered Hackers.

They are who gets hired from the third-party companies vendors for their security for a period of time on a contract basis. 

Means these types of hackers will be work for the co-operate companies for a period of time but this work is not permanent for they will be trying for other companies for work.

some of them will be hired from that state government like they will only give the training for them and keep for contract basis work for a short time or long time which depends on the contract means agreement.

They are mostly known as contract basis workers. 

No:7. Ethical Hackers.

An ethical hacker is a person who is hired and permitted by an organization to attack its systems for the purpose of identifying vulnerabilities, in which an attacker might take advantage of that vulnerability.  

The sole difference between the terms “hacking” and “ethical hacking” is permission.

They are similar to Whit Hat Hackers and Cyber Security Analyst.

They are mostly known as Ethical Hackers who will be on the Good side on Hacking.

No:8. Elite Hackers.

An elite hacker also referred to as l33t or 1337, is someone who has deep knowledge of how an exploit works he or she is able to create exploits, but also modify codes that someone else wrote. 

He or she is someone with elite skills of hacking.

They are mostly known as code copers, elite hackers.

No:9. Hacktivist.

The Hacktivists are defined as a group of hackers that hack into computer systems for a cause or purpose. 

The purpose may be political gain, freedom of speech, human rights, and so on.

Ther work for Big celebrities or big influence man in the society.  

They are mostly known as individual working Hacktivist Hackers Group.




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